Wednesday, January 6, 2010

art, friendship and something called LIAISON

so i guess this is the first time i'm writing a blog for myself
so here's a little story of mine
i'm 25 years old college student, from ITB art and design faculty, majoring textile design
after a long and complicated life and life after love with art and design, me and best friends of mine decided to make an art project, hoping that someday, we will remember all the good times together
and we named it by Liaison, that means work together, cos we work together in a group
so this is it, after 3 months preparation, and a little bit of fight, gossip, and tears... we finally finished our first independent exhibition "Cloak and Dagger" at our studio (Dago, Bandung, Indonesia) and brought it to Salihara Gallery, Pejaten, Jakarta, Indonesia the next 2 weeks

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